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untitled poem for so many unnamed left behind...

Losing a child tears the soul apart,

It leaves behind an empty heart.

The news breaks, that rips us apart,

Many are dead, where do we start? A child wanders unknowingly off a balcony's ledge,

Another child is thrown by a darkness lackey's pledge.

Be it cancer, failing organs, unholy wars,

Misled “warriors” following an unjust cause.

Three thousand & eleven in Baghdad since two thousand and six,

Mosul, Jerusalem, Gaza, Tel Aviv, and Kabul are in quite a fix.

Ravaged, bombed, everything but the kitchen sink,

The bough has broken, civilization is on the brink!

Killers are not Christian, nor Muslim, nor a Jew,

Killers shun humanity, this much is true.

To steal our loved ones, our siblings, our kin,

Is by far – within this realm – the greater sin.

All these mothers have lost their offspring too suddenly,

All these fathers feel lost as well as bitterly empty.

Losing a child, scratches away at the soul,

It leaves behind a burning, searing hole.

The news breaks any loved ones left behind,

Mourning, grieving, we all begin to lose our mind.

A child is innocent, forever they should be,

Out of harm's way, protected and free.

They say that time heals, for some, 'tis true,

For others, 'tis harder, a miserably-earned virtue.

Thousands, upon thousands, of victims from insanity,

Those who claim instructions they received by a Deity.

Since the dawn of civilization till the zeitgeist's present,

Many, slain in vain, for Empires, zealots screaming “repent!”.

Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Paris, London, and Baghdad are now kin,

Also with Bali, Cairo, Alexandria, school shootings, where to begin?

Fragments and pieces, body parts and shattered souls torn,

By killers few in numbers, their infliction to many borne.

All victims of bereavements, through patience shall survive,

As a phoenix reborn – into surviving – with strength shall thrive.

Losing a loved one, someone close to you,

No matter the reason, or how they passed on.

Leaves immeasurable pain like a flame,

Wrath makes us seek someone to blame.

Children are meant to outlive their parents, that is a fact,

That which fuels civilizations to evolve, another true fact.

Children become parents, then parents become cared for,

'Tis all that one should ever have to hope for, this and more.

Millions left behind, upon millions more in mind,

All around the world, no matter the social status climb.

All feel pain, all need love, and soft words spoken in kind,

This is humanity's foundation – with peace – we shall find.

Sri Lanka, France, Britain, Palestine, and Iraq,

So many lost and fallen that will not come back.

Lebanon, Israel, Syria, US, New Zealand too,

Japan, Russia, Ireland, all attacked by fools.

Killing in the name of hate, not by any Divine Command,

We shall all unite in love, at peace, and make our stand.

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